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I have been horse crazy since birth and most of the pictures I drew long before I was even in riding lessons pictured myself and a pony winning 1st place at a show.  I began to take riding lessons at the age of seven and fulfilled my dream of owning a horse, showing, and winning ribbons at the age of 11.  Over the years I collected many beautiful ribbons, all of which were too special and too unique to part with!

Though I was sewing off and on as a child, I really began to enjoy it in high school when I was sewing my own pants from the wildest fabrics I could find.  After convincing myself to make the first cuts, it was surprisingly easy for me to make my precious ribbons into quilts when the time came to move out of the family farm house and go to college. I assure you, my roommates thought the insatiable urge I had to sew my ribbons together was pretty strange (and probably annoying, too).

Besides earning my bachelor's degree in Environmental Health Sciences I competed Novice through Open on the Ohio University Equestrian Team and was also active at the Last Chance Corral, a nationally recognized, non-profit horse rescue.


These days, I am quilting as much as I can as a stay-at-homer with my young son and his teeny little sister by my side "helping". I also enjoy rehabilitating and training off-the-track thoroughbreds for new careers as safe, sound hunters (please visit HighestHorse if you are interested in my prospects and/or farm). In addition to my horses, I have two dairy cows, whose milk I use to make cheese (asiago, ricotta, mozzarella), butter, ice cream, etc. My pets are dogs, cats, peacocks, and laying hens. I love and appreciate the beauty and character of all animals.

I am also deeply committed to sustainable farming principles as well as living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.