I began quilting with ribbons in 2001, when my parents told me that I needed to take the things in my old room to my new house. I looked around my former bedroom which was filled with treasured awards and precious memories of shows with dear equine and human friends.

So many competitions were brought immediately to my memory! I wondered what should be done with all of these priceless ribbons. How could I leave behind all my dear memories of my amazing horse, Speedy, and his many triumphs? I thought of all those hot summer days spent practicing, late nights braiding with friends, 4:30 am schoolings in empty arenas, all those falls when I got sand in my pants, and the countless hours hauling to shows and lessons with my mom and sister. I recalled the times I beat a friend in a ride off (and the times when they beat me!) and we both left the ring crying.

How could I pack away so many hard earned awards? Should they be packed in the attic of my new house and forgotten – left to dry rot, mildew, and be home to mice? I wondered what would be the point of keeping them if that was their fate. I knew I could never pack in an attic or toss to the curb the memories and lessons that I have learned through riding horses.

I decided that the best way to preserve my precious memories was to make a ribbon quilt.

Since creating the first quilt and taking it to use at shows and other events I have helped others to solve the problem of what to do with their ribbons.